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Jan. 1st, 2020

I'm currently 'friends only' but drop a note here and I will more than likely add you.


Mar. 19th, 2011

I can't tell who even bothers to read LJ anymore so I have thinned out my friend's list in the interest of ...being tidy.

Dragon Con

Who is going and who needs a roomate? I don't take up much room and I need a slot from Friday night until Sunday morning. At this point, I'm willing to settle for floor space as long as I have a pillow and blanket.

Blast to the cheap seats

If I said I was seriously thinking about DragonCon... who would I see? Anyone need a roomie? (I'm looking at some of my compatriots from the room share we did a few years ago....)

I need to see some of MY peeps.


Looks like I'll be there.

Latest Knitting Project

Name the character! I LOVE how this costume turned out!!!!! Halloween 2009! I think the client is quite happy with her costume. *grin*

Job Update

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) wants me to come in for a face to face interview! I made the telephone interview cut!!!!!!!!!!!!


August 6 is the big day......

(Please oh please...I'm coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my layoff and I ought to be making plans for my birthday at the end of October. I'm turning 40 ya know.....)


Okay, so Mel may be the only one who reads this.....

I keep waiting for the AIA to start laying down some bitchsmack on the tech industry. (Note that I have no vindictive feelings towards the tech-world) Why? Well. The AIA which is the governing body of the architecture profession (or something like that) takes the name 'Architect' very seriously. I am not allowed to call myself an Architect. Okay, so it's one thing in a bar at 11pm over beers...but to have yourself published as an 'Architect'? Oh my, they will hunt you down and file action against you.

I had a boss in the wayback days of NC who loved to look for such transgressions and report them.

Anyways. The tech-world has started to appropriate the name 'architect' and 'architecture'. It certainly makes sense with regards to the meaning of the word in the dictionary and as they use it. But I also wonder how much of it is borrowing the mystique and glamor (snort) of 'architect'. Looks like 'architect' is just a synonym for 'programmer' these days.

Anyways. I keep waiting for the catfight to start. (trainwreck anyone?) AIA likes to get their panties in a wad over stupid things.

This also has impact on me. I cannot do a job search for 'architect' or 'architecture' without apprx. 95% of the job listings being in the tech world.

Adventures and Signs

Today I joined a few friends for a street festival. The 'theme' was checking out the gardens people have built on their 100 sq ft of dirt (give or take a few square feet) Saw some glorious spaces that I would adore to own and be able to share a glass of wine in....

But that is not the point of this story.

One of my favorite live bands was playing at 6pm. (Cowboy Mouth, we have a long and torrid affair dating from 1997 or so) I ditched my friends who were standing WAY back soon after the show started. I wanted to surf towards the stage, see what the vibe and sound was like. Turned out I could get within 10' of the stage.....most people were there to stand around and drink expensive beer. NOT to see the band.

I found a good spot behind other short people. The lead singer of the band is also the drummer. And he was front and center working it hard like always. As he usually does, he trades out his sticks...a LOT. And tosses them to the audience.

I've always wanted one. Even when I was 5' from him in the past I couldn't get one.

This time. I did. The stick skipped over a few heads/hands, then it hit the ground and skipped my direction. A quick duck and it was MINE. MINE I TELL YOU! I would have kicked some serious ass if anyone wanted to scrum for it.

No one did. Dilettantes.

I'm taking this as a sign from the gods that things will get better.

The drumstick now resides with my knitting needles. I am stupidly gobsmacked about a drumstick.

4th of July

I'm having a quiet 4th watching the Cubs lose to Milwaukee. I have a guest (ferociousbcycad) next week for a few days so I am trying to pick up around the apartment a bit.

Date #3 was a home run. Yay!! Next week we have plans to go to the outdoor music venue for some classical music. Remains to be seen where this may go. But I like this guy.

Back to the ballgame...

Jul. 2nd, 2009

As part of one particular job application, I was asked what was my average length of time at a job.

Even with all the BS of the past 4 years, my average is over 5 years. (13+.75+1.75÷3) Take that motherfuckers.

Jul. 1st, 2009

Aw crap. My DVD player just crapped out. Perhaps the lens just needs cleaned? It won't read any of the DVD discs I put in there. When I first flipped over to the DVD input, the DVD player/disc had seized up. I couldn't even turn it off manually. Had to resort to unplugging the damn thing to turn it off. Now any disc I put in there just 'loads' and 'loads' and evetually you get the 'no disc' message.

Aw crap. crap crap crap.

Jun. 28th, 2009

Dating continues. #2 with Mr. Bear was quite delightful. The zoo is a great dating scenario plus we discovered the lily pond park which made the designer in me squee with delight. A wonderful water/stone park with all sorts of people places throughout.

Unemployment continues. Anxiety fluctuates quite a bit. I had a dream this morning that set my anxiety level rather high for a Sunday morning. Yuck. I feel like such a failure. And yes, I need to find the bitch in me to get through this stuff.

Pride parade today so I am slathering on the spf 30. I will ride my bike down part of the parade route prior to the parade. Yay! And I will meet friends to have a nice afternoon. The temperature has mellowed out so it should be an ultra-fab day for a parade.

Going to the outdoor music venue Tuesday night for an ABBA tribute band. A band of people are gathering for a potluck. My hankering is to try something new and make spring rolls. This makes me inordinately happy for some reason. Perhaps I just like spring rolls? Perhaps I have always admired the people who make spring rolls.....

Knitting mojo is gone. And my fingers are itchy. I do not do well with having idle hands.

Dating Update

Date #2 was had with the guy from the street festival and withering heat. 'eh was the result. He's just not that interesting. His good stories were flashbacks to high school. I need more than that.....

Date #2 with the sushi guy (Mr. Bear to my friends) will be tomorrow. He is unemployed as well so we will take advantage of this and go to the zoo. BTW, he is interesting. Tattoos? Ex-military cop? Self described bear? And he makes his own bread from scratch without a bread machine?

My self confidence with the dating world is MUCH better than my professional world. The professional world I take everything too personally. Dating world? Go piss off.

weird, huh.

Jun. 24th, 2009

Midweek is always a lousy time for me. The weekend is far away, the days are long. The tedium and anxiety of being unemployed feeds upon my psyche and I just want to turn off the world and make it all go away. Tuesdays are my usual 'see the therapist' day and it draws attention to all the things i should be doing or should have done. Should have proceeded with the LEED certification like i planned on. Should see about getting access to the money the gvrmnt is handing out for additional job training. It would add to my marketability. (Accounting? Web/Computer stuff?) Should do this, should do that. When in truth I am terrified of it all and want to go hide behind the couch with my blankie.

Not all days are like this. It's the midweek slump.

I also detest my professional field. Reading the (few) job ads creates an instant anxiety attack. Everything has become increasingly regulated with little deviation allowed for alternative professional tracks. And the decision makers in the industry are buying it up like it's a cheap hair tonic that will give you a boner as a side effect.


Scuttlebut is that the old office has had to let go of more people. Including one person that surprises the crap out of me, she is SHARP and it is a shame they will loose her talents and abilities. Wow. They really don't have work.


For local Chicago people who enjoy Ravinia and classical music. Free lawn passes are available on the 8th floor of the Harold Washington Library (downtown). You must be a Chicago resident with a library card in good standing. You can get 2 tickets for 2 different concerts each day. Passes are limited and they have a poster documenting what performance are still available. I've already obtained tickets to shows in July and August. (whee!) 3 being held in the Pavilion and one being held in the Martin performance hall. I won't be able to see that one (Eroica Trio) but I can still hear it nicely.

Jun. 23rd, 2009

Box fan, sweet box fan
I love you.
High today of 93. Currently 91.

Window AC units to be installed tonight. Though I will miss being able to open those 2 windows for fresh air. The windows are double hung, so if I get a 2x4 cut to the right length, I can hammer it into place to ensure that the bottom sash remain in place but the top sash can be opened somewhat. I may have to jigger this up. I need a decent saw in my arsenal.

*adds to Christmas list*

Job Crap

Great. Now i get this sort of crap in email.

'Credit Report America'... a quick google search turned up quite a few complaints about them.

The idea of a company conducting business this way is too skeezy. I'm opting to not play their game. But it kills me that there 'may' be a job at the other end.

UGH! I hate having to decipher this crap.

Oh LJ Genie, reassure me that this is utter crap.

The email - formatting theirs

Their email address.....careers@applicants.hr-interviews.com

Kimberly Hummel,

***The following is important information regarding your employment application.

We conduct thorough background checks on qualified applicants as part of our employment screening process. We only conduct background checks when we feel a position is available for an applicant.

Our Verification Check includes the following information:

Work Experience Verification
Educational Verification
Criminal Record Verifications
Consumer Report Verifications

Each employer has a unique and specific criterion that is used to determine the qualifications of certain positions that are available within their organization. Erroneous information in your consumer report can prevent you from obtaining a job offer for which you are otherwise qualified. Companies in industries that provide employees with access to sensitive information rely heavily on the contents of these consumer reports.

We offer our applicants the opportunity to pre-verify the information that we obtain in our decision making processes.

To pre-verify your consumer report today:

As a convenience to our applicants and prospective employees, we have partnered with Credit Report America, a company that enables you to receive your complimentary consumer report. Please visit http://www.hr-interviews.com/consumerreport360.htm to request your report.

You may also reach the report order form here.

We understand the frustrations that accompany your job search. It is our goal to help you eliminate as many obstacles along the way and ensure that prospective employers have accurate information before making a hiring decision.

We strongly recommend that all applicants seeking employment remain informed of any changes or inaccuracies involving their consumer report.

If you are interested in continuing with the hiring process please reply to this e-mail and inform us to proceed.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Human Resource Department


More job funnies

I see an interesting job at Pepsico. You know. Pepsi. BIG company. Worldwide. So I hit the 'apply now' button and I get this message. (Note that all formatting is mine)

This site is designed to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 5.5, 6.0, 7.0), Netscape (versions 7.0, 7.1) and Mozilla (version 1.7) Web browsers installed with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The browser and/or operating system that you are using to access this site is not currently supported. Please access this site from a device with a supported browser and operating system combination.

So I think, fine, they don't like Firefox. (WTF?) So I download Netscape 7.1, install the damned thing. Relaunch to the same website and click 'apply now'. I get the SAME MESSAGE!

This site is designed to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 5.5, 6.0, 7.0), Netscape (versions 7.0, 7.1) and Mozilla (version 1.7) Web browsers installed with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The browser and/or operating system that you are using to access this site is not currently supported. Please access this site from a device with a supported browser and operating system combination.

They have a problem with my MACINTOSH OPERATING SYSTEM!!!!!!! Holy Crap! Does Bill Gates own Pepsico?


A voicemail was just left for me by someone who says we spoke on Thursday regarding an Assistant's position. (Not) He wants to speak with me to schedule something and that I should feel free to call him up until 11:30 tonight. The phone number is a cell phone and I have no clue which position this guy might be speaking of. Heck, even his name on my voicemail was rather garbled. (Garson Bushman?) Tomorrow will be busy for him with interviews.

And I have had a few glasses of wine tonight. Seems prudent to deal with this tomorrow. right?

Calling people at 8pm on a Sunday regarding a job?

Dating Update

I have heard nothing from my date Wednesday night. I even sent a thank you note with my contact info on Thursday night. I enjoyed the evening and would vote for a do-over. But if it doesn't happen, my heart isn't broken. (I got free sushi out of the evening...epic win)

I just retuned from ANOTHER first date. This one was 'eh. Though the problem may have been that we met at an uterly boring street festival and the temperature is approaching 90 degrees. I don't do well with heat.

Trying to dress for an outdoor date with screaming sunshine and high temperatures is tough. The sweat, the heat, the sunburn (skin cancer ya know) and the desire to look/feel cute. Adding a hat to most any outfit is an instant buzz-kill.

I need my window AC units NOW. Yes folks, I am a wuss.

She's Crafty...and She's Just My Type....

Drawstring bag using same construction technique as the previous wrap. Additionally, the bag is felted for futher structure and density.

I even broke out the sewing machine and lined the inside. 20/20 hindsight, should have added a cellphone pocket.

The bottom turns out really cool!

health update

My cholesterol that came in at a rocking 344 last August is now at 201. My Doctor is flabbergasted that a few dietary changes would have made that much of a difference. My LDL dropped by more than half. My HDL dropped as well but it still in the 70s (ultra fabulous)

A lot less red meat than before, more fish than before and a concerned effort to use fruits and veggies as snackable items. I'm also drinking a ton of iced herbal teas these days including caffeine free green.

Whatever. I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment and watching my Doc be flabbergasted.

Date last night=win. We'll see if #2 occurs.


Well that was rather miserable.

Imagine taking the SATs all over again. With the HR dork coming to check on me every 10 minutes as I complete page after page of spelling questions, english usage, grammar, word associations and how many words beginning with the letter D can I write down in 3 minutes. Oh yes, also what is the opposite of this word that begins with p? What about the same meaning but with g? Also a pop quiz on proofreading. I missed one thing but found another thing that just sucked for clarity.

Because HE can do it so well!

I also was slung at a computer to see how I could handle Word. Some crappy letter with tons of formatting and a few obscure notations that HOW DARE I ASK FOR CLARIFICATION OF WHAT 2.7 MEANS!!!!! OH MY GOD, EPIC FAIL right there. (Hint, it had to do with the scale along the top, it was pointed at a date so I assumed initially that 2.9 might mean February 9....) He also did this without giving me the password to unlock the computer.....after I asked him for the password . "Oh, just use Microsoft Word". I asked another girl sitting nearby. This part wasn't too bad. Humiliating though. Plus his stupid drawing exercise was idiotic. The original picture was from a CAD program, but he wanted me to draw all the title block boxes. (Only Mel will get that one)

After all this then we sat down so he could go step by step on my wrong answers with the word problems/spelling/grammar. And WHY they were wrong. And TEACHING me why they were wrong and why I should have done otherwise.

Total bullshit egomaniac who is full to the brim with his own perceived greatness and thinks these word games make a good person and a great employee. What's next, give someone the Times Crossword and use that as a method of finding good employees?

Total time spent? 3 hours.

And at the end? Not a slam dunk in his words. He is looking for some asinine perfect person who is making a lateral move from one construction company to another. OH yes, your verbal SAT better be between 750 and 800 to make him happy.

I am in his 'A' pile but he is interviewing more, because you know....I failed.

This idiot talks EVERYTHING that flips through his head out loud. I don't CARE if you have interviewed over 10,000 people in your career! You are an asshole who is unprofessional. Go fuck yourself.

I bet if I could have had 20 minutes with other people in the office I would be in.

Aside from him, the office looked kinda good.

And of course right after this I have a doctor's appointment to discuss my meds and getting my prescriptions up to date. I turn into a blubbering idiot in her office. I must look like a basket case.

Life sucks. Fuck everything.

That was so utterly miserable.

Job Crap

Tomorrow. 10am. HR dork is leaning really hard my way.

Pay is right on the money.

*insert spontaneous explosion of nerves/sounds and gestures*
I finally got to speak with the HR dork. This is after I call AGAIN today and leave another message. That makes the third time. I had his attention for about 10 minutes before he had to run.

The fact that I have not worked since August throws up one of 2 red flags for people.
1. What is wrong with her that she hasn't found work?
2. Will she work here 6 months and then take a 'sabbatical' again? Though the guy did note that I have worked steadily since 1992, a break is deserved. Good thing that my last sabbatical did not wrap over into another year!

He spent the time on the phone talking a mile a minute about the job. (I could not get a word in) It's not glamorous. It's blue jeans and t-shirts. It's a subcontractor located in a regular neighborhood in Chicago. It's typing and it's production. It's busy. But it's not just a typing job, sometimes you have to go to the field.

This all sounds kinda hunky-dory to me. I get to learn, I get to be in an environment that will be more suited to my brain and my personality. Deal with guys? Hell yeah, women are nuts. Deal with absolutes and black/white issues? hell yeah. I don't have to stand around listneing to architects stroke themselves about that stupid little design detail or the color blue? Fuck yeah.

He seemed more concerned about my typing speed than most anything else. They wanted 60. It turns out I offer a 45. Perhaps on a real keyboard at a real desk i can do better.

I am to send him an email clarifying a few things, talk about my salary requirements and also my typing score. I intend to talk honeslty about what I want without talking bullshit or slinging mud. The truth is that I think architecture sucks ass.

Meanwhile, I applied for a sweet gig at the Adler Planetarium.

Okay, I feel a bit better.

Jun. 7th, 2009

Tomorrow morning I hope for a return call from the HR dude.

Tonight my anxiety is a bit high.

Jun. 7th, 2009

This needs a LOLcat caption

The latest project

son of a bitch

I called this morning about the job. 9:45. Woman answering the phone sounds INCREDIBLY skeptical that I was called by Danny (HR dude). But she takes my name/number.

I spend the next 4 1/2 hours on pins and needles. Can I go to the bathroom? The phone might ring? Should I eat something? But the phone might ring while I am in mid-bite? Can I play music or watch a DVD? But the phone might ring!!!!! Meanwhile, the phone DOES ring twice in the middle of the day. My Dad and the Ghettoqueen. My phone NEVER rings in the middle of the day usually.

BTW, friends of the Ghettoqueen who have her number should call her. She has a new phone (same number) but no way to import the phone numbers from her old phone or computer at this time.

SO! I hold out till 2:15. I'm cursing the woman I spoke with earlier because it seems apparent she decided that I was a cold caller about the job. I get another woman this time, very nice lady actually, and the HR dude has left for the day! Stupid Fridays. I should have factored 'Friday' into my calling plan. I didn't want to be 'crazy stalker' by calling too quickly. I wanted to wait till it was really 'afternoon' before calling again. So now I wait till Monday.

argh! My nerves are jingly-jangly.

But it's also a good sign about the attitude of the company. PLEASE let this be decent pay that is hourly based. I am totally willing to take a hit regarding pay just so I can have the option for unpaid time off. That is one of the HUGE negatives about salary pay, there is no real mechanism in place (usually) for unpaid time to be taken.

Oh yeah, being paid for overtime would also be nice.

Jun. 4th, 2009

I applied for a job today (2nd time I have applied for this specific job) and they called me back!!!!!!!!

I missed the call and it was after 5 by that point. I will call them back tomorrow, perhaps it will lead to an INTERVIEW! It's at a construction company and they need an admin/office generalist with construction experience for preparing bid documents and project tracking.

it's a callback! My resume didn't hit the garbage can immediately!


The job in Lombard? Yeah, they are just another reincarnation of a marketing (read: sales) company with a bunch of complaints against them among several websites. Oh the drama! So, I will not bother with sticking my foot into that nasty swimming pool.
Today was spent in downtown as I visited my 2 favorite therapists. (One for a 'scrip renewal. She's all kinds of cool, I think it would be fun to have a drink with her)

I step out into the hallway to wait for the elevator, guess who walks out of another doctor's office? (Can you say therapist?) The girlfriend and baby-mama of my ex-boss. Well, one of my bosses. The passive-agressive one. Weird. She and I worked together briefly as she works the lighting industry. She thought quite highly of me at the time and she still does. We chatted and I'm going to send her my resume for 'just in case'. She has lots of inside connections when it comes to the industry. I explained how I am looking for more exec admin or assistant these days.


It's a Monday...

I had a bonehead error on 2 cover letters I sent out. The sort of error that would make me toss the candidate's resume. So to save face, I pulled the applications.

I heard from BCBS as to why they won't give me insurance. Yep, depression and anxiety along with ongoing therapy. BUT I can go over to this spiffy state program and pay 2.5 times as much for insurance!

I heard from Humana. They don't want me either. They didn't call out one thing in particular, they just picked on all of it. Elevated cholesterol, therpay for anxiety/depression AND the skin cancer. BUT I can go over to this spiffy state program and pay 2.5 times as much for insurance!

I heard from Aetna. They will take me, but I don't think the program offers mental health services. I can take a break from the therapy if I have too. I sometimes find the therapy makes me feel worse while we work out WHY I do the things I do. Traveling back to not-so-happy-funtimes is a bummer. But hey, I have basic coverage. 170$/month And I already know a lot of the stupid things I do that I need to avoid. Like sacrificing myself.

I left the keys in the mailbox as I read through the Dear John letters. I realized I did this after I had biked to the asian market. Luckiy, the keys were still there when I came back...... immeadiately. THEN I went back to the asian market again. Gotta get my Hot and Sour soup fix.

Applied for 3 other jobs. One already contacted me about a interview! In Lombard (not in Chicago) .... pooh........I don't want to take a job if I have to drive every day. .......Upon further digging, this looks awful fishy. The 'website' is really shallow. The HR person's email address is a gmail addy. And they have advertised EVERYWHERE when I tried a google search for legit information about the company. Hrm..... well, a phone call can't hurt.


May. 31st, 2009

Fun was had yesterday/today with the new girlfriend. I spent money eating out that I normally wouldn't, but time with a friend is important.

Anxiety is still rocking and rolling along. No word from either health insurance application just yet. As my friend forcibly reminded me as I spun myself up again during a walk, I DO have access to health insurance, I CAN afford the health insurance. I just don't want to have to spend that much. In the end, all is not for naught.

I may seems like I'm all kinds of fun and stuff, perhaps even spontaneous at times. But I really do like and appreciate stability in my life. The wang-up regarding the health insurance issue and my reaction to it draws attention to this fact.

Tomorrow is another day.
rinse and repeat

May. 29th, 2009

Someday I will not be a twitchy ball of nerves. I look forward to that day.

Anxiety is SUCH an appetite kill.

BTW, no word from Bowling Guy. *shrug* I'm not worried about it because the night (hour and a half that it was) was FAR from a home run sort of first date.

May. 29th, 2009

My anxiety level for the day has already spiked. Or at least I hope that was it. In commenting to another LJ community I did some reading about the 3rd unemployment program. The 3rd program is MUCH tougher to qualify for each week than the first 2 programs. AND it only is for 13 weeks.

panic panic panicpanic panicpanicpanicpanic

Snap out of the panic.

I am better than this.

And I am one of the lucky ones in this crap of layoffs that the unemployment benefits meet my budget needs.

Health Insurance Update

2 different applications are floating out there. I fixed the booboo I made on app #2 and it is now at the underwriter's for consideration. If either one of them were approved, I would paying 240$ less a month than the state would want me to pay. Being 'high risk' and all that. *snark*

Still feel kinds shirty. But the sushi and spring rolls I had last night were pretty darn good for delivery. AND I had breakfast with the leftovers. I live dangerous like that ya know.

50$ parking ticket for street cleanup has been avoided.
Groceries have been replenished.

I may have a girlfriend over Saturday night, so I REALLY ought to tackle the bathroom. I wish I could just hose it down and call it good. Mayfest this weekend. Oompah band, men in liederhosen and beers bigger than my head.

Someday life will not be so anxiety ridden. And then I will most likely not appreciate it.

It was an early date.....

We met about 5:30 pm. My bowling sucked, though when taken into consideration that I have not bowled since at least 2001, not so bad. I did not embarrass myself.

I thought things went well. There was a 7pm curfew at the bowling alley due to league night. But when I mentioned something afterward, I got the 'I would like that.....but'. It seems he had plans with his buddies to watch the Blackhawks play that he had forgotten about earlier.

Fine. Whatever.

So what's the odds that was a ploy to escape? Or if it was a sincere 'sorry about that'. Crappy odds for a do-again though.

Ugh. He did give me a ride home...for what that is worth.

I hate lines.

I think I may splurge on some delivery thai. fuck it and the world.

Bowling is fun though.

Ugh, the intrawebs, it hates me

Between filling out online convoluted job applications...and convoluted health insurance applications, my brain is very very fried and i am very very sulky. The therapy is what kicked out my application with BCBS BTW, though I have not recieved the official 'this is why you're too sick for us to insure you' letter. It seems in the industry these guys are notorious. What do people do when they have diabetes or something? I have filled out an app. for Aetna and I thought I had one completed for Humana but I mis-interpreted something and shot myself in the foot. I'll try again tomorrow...(I hope it was becasue I misinterpreted something). Tomorrow will be better. It's got to be better? A lot of things are better after a night's sleep....right?

But I am meeting someone new for bowling tonight so i have to figure out a way to get this sulky shit out of my system. I'm not doing a very good job of it so far.

I still hate.

Health Insurance Update

BCBS - "Based on the information provided on your application, we are unable to extend an offer of coverage."

After a phone call to the state health insurance coverage plan, it seems that BCBS is turning people down left and right. Including health conditions like allergies. So my double whammy of therapy AND a skin cancer kicked me right out.

I 'ought' to have no problem getting coverage through the state, but the premiums are high. 80$ more a month than I was paying currently, and that is with the highest deductible. I'll pay if I hae to, but after the carrot of having my health insurance costs drop by more than 130$, I'm being stubborn.

So I am investigating other options. I have requested from my therapist a list of health insurance programs she participates in.

I hate this world.


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