Adventures of a Silly Girl in Chicago

23 October
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Books (all kinds), Music (all kinds), tea with honey, sushi while sitting at the sushi bar, chinese food, thai food, lunch by myself with a good book, knitting on the train, cooking on a Sunday with football on, boots w/ tall heels, Fall, being naked, sketching naked people, being naked while sketching naked people, a sense of humor, pants that make my legs look long, fondue, cuddling, seafood, playing catch with a baseball and gloves, good beer, good liquor, good sake, good wine, my shoulders, my scars, my black lace-up boots that make me 5'10", being vulnerable and being accepted for being vulnerable, lounging in a big comfy overstuffed chair with a good book and a good drink...

People who take themselves too seriously, bad chain restaurants, heavy political discussions, my ex-husband, my ex-fiance, flakes, gratuitous violence in books and films, raw tomatoes, mosquitoes, authors who beat a dead horse, being cold, being vulnerable and being judged for it, people who lie to me or to themselves, negative people, hypocrites, back stabbers, real estate agents, poison ivy, my scars.